Have You Seen The Latest Candid Photography

candid photography

One of the most candid styles of photography is street or candid photography.  It consists of candid pictures taken of people in public situations.  Street photography was done everywhere on the street and now has moved to the mall, at clubs, streets, parks, and practically anywhere.  A street photographer never asks anyone to pose, and he or she does not want anyone to act as if he or she knows what might happen next. This takes away from the natural look needed when using the technique of street photography.

Street photography stems from another type of photograph that called documentary photography.  Documentary photography once said to be the most honest and true to life picture taking.  There are professional and amateur brands of documentary photography, as well as street photography.  Street photography reflects society in its untainted state. This accounts for many pictures we see on the internet and television that reflect what was happening at the time.