Photography Equipment – Expensive or Cheap?

Photography Equipment

There is nothing wrong with buying the newest camera gear on the market. There is nothing wrong in hoping to better image quality because of your new gear. There is nothing wrong in wanting to have the latest photography equipment the minute it comes out.

The thing that is messed up is the way we see the acquisition of a new camera: we associate it with better photos. This is true in what regards the technical quality of the image, the low noise, the sharpness but many photographers fail to realize it’s only that.

Many photographers think the new gear will improve their photography beyond those basic pure technical features. It’s a common mistake to associate the technical quality of an image with its artistic value. This is something like thinking a better oven will help you cook better just because it’s a new oven … even though you know nothing about cooking.

The problem is not that new cameras and new photography equipment comes on the market every year … the problem is the way we see these new technical gadgets. I’m glad the photography industry evolves because otherwise maybe I wouldn’t be a photographer but I would love to see people realizing it’s them who makes the photos and not the cameras.

Expensive cameras can help you but they can’t make you a good photographer. A tool it’s just a tool and in the right hands can make miracles … no matter how tech-smart is that tool, it still needs the hands, the thought process, the eye, the feeling, the knowledge and the experience of the person using it! Check out the video on the next page to get some motivation and ideas to consider when making your next photography equipment purchase.