Photography Lighting

photography lighting

Finding a three dimensional contrast is important when you are shooting faces or other objects that you want to have stand out in the photograph.  You will need to search for the planes and contours of the subject, especially in portrait photography.  The planes and contours will help you determine the angle you will shoot the subject from and will accentuate the features to focus on.

If your photography lighting system includes artificial lights, it needs to be portable. Placing lights in the wrong position will not provide you with the desired effect in your photo but will appear to wash out the subject. You need to have lights set up on tripods to change them to an angle that will suit your needs.  The size of the room is also important since overhead lights in a small room can either be too powerful or not direct enough.  Following lighting tips will increase your photography skills.  Most amateur photographers find taking a class on lighting and having a few books on the subject will help them learn proper lighting techniques and develop a suitable photography lighting system.  The reason for classes is to provide feedback.  You may be happy with the shot, but suggestions can help you make the shot perfect in the future.