The Basics of Photography

Basics of PhotographyAs a photographer, it is sometimes good to return to the basics of photography to get a fresh start and change some of the bad or unsuccessful habits that we get into. If you are a new photographer, learning the basics about photography – composition, lighting, and subject matter is key to developing your craft.

Taking a picture is not difficult. Taking a picture that will help people remember a special occasion or a memorable moment requires planning. If a couple is getting married and wants guests to preserve as many memories of the day as possible, it seems to make sense to leave a disposable camera on each table for the guests to use. This is a great idea, but by the end of the night, chances are that the cameras will have been used by children to take photos of many things which will not add to the positive memories of the day.  These were not photographers and while those pictures will no doubt get a few chuckles, these are not the kind of professional pictures people want for their long-term memories.