Tips For Cat Photography

Cat PhotographyEvery cat owner is proud of his or her friendly feline and they make perfect subjects for photography.  Here are some tips for photographing your cat so that you can capture some of the variety of interesting and fun poses that it will present to you.

Catch your Cat Napping

Cat PhotographyNothing looks quite as relaxing as a cat taking a nap. Cats do sleep a lot, so if you want to take a picture of your cat napping, you have plenty of opportunities.  The best time for cat photography is to catch it when it is asleep.  You can take close-ups of your cat either as it sleeps, or gently wake your cat up for a relaxed look. For a nice shot of your cat, try gently rubbing your cat’s belly right when you want to snap a picture. This will encourage your cat to roll over on its back.

Natural Sunlight

Cat PhotographyWhen you think of a sleeping cat, where do most cats enjoy sleeping? You can usually find a cat napping in the sun. If you have a window that gets full or filtered sunlight during the day, then try to open the curtains or blinds to encourage cap napping. As soon as you see your cat sit in the sun, try to take a few pictures. When the sunlight is good, try a few shots without using your flash. This will give your picture a nice natural glowing effect. In addition, natural light often works best anyway because if you use a bright flash, your cat will usually close his or her eyes or the eyes could end up looking red.

Forget Posing and Planning for Cat Photography

Cat PhotographyCats are much for posing. You cannot really ask that a cat stay and sit. When you take pictures of your cat, you should always have your camera on hand for candid shots. Look at your cat during the day and determine your cat’s schedule and favorite places. Work around your cat and you will get better pictures.  Try to be spontaneous, and above all stay patient. It may take several tries to get a couple of great shots, but posing your cat rarely works.

I have tried to get my three cats to pose and let me take a picture, but even though they sleep together, play together, they cannot stand or in this sit next to each without someone starting something. If I had three people to help and set back out of the picture, it might work. As you can see, cat’s need to do what cats do and you need to take your pictures with that in mind.

Get Help

Cat PhotographyAnother good tip for cat photography is to get help. You can get great pictures of playful cats and kittens by having someone help you wiggle a string, the throw a ball or call the cat’s name. It is very difficult to try to play with your cat and take pictures at the same time. Your pictures will turn out much better if you get someone to help you. In addition, if you are trying to get a picture of your cat looking directly at your camera, have someone stand above you can call the cat’s name, or make a noise that will prompt the cat to look directly above your head.

If you are a patient and willing, you can get some excellent shots of your cat. Cats are so fun to take pictures of because you never know what they will do. Keep your camera handy and ready to go as soon as your cat springs into action. Cat’s normal activity seems to make us smile and laugh, their antics always may wonderful pictures. Pictures of kittens playing from birth on also make for some great pictures. Use these tips for photographing your cat and, if you have the camera with you, you will never miss the perfect picture.

Also, check out this book by Rick Reichenbach which offers easy to follow tips and recipes that allow anyone to capture amazing pictures of their furry companion.