Wedding Photo Ideas

wedding photography tips

Wedding photo ideas and ways to make the day pass without a hitch are an important part of planning this important day. Your wedding is fast approaching and as the anxiety grows in everyone associated with the big day, two big concerns weigh on everybody’s mind.  Those are…

(1) How can we reduce the stress of this big day?

(2) How can we cut the costs?

These two questions are in conflict with each other too because in order to reduce stress, you have to increase the work that someone has to do.  Sometime during the preparation time frame, one of the wedding photo ideas that will come up is, why don’t we let “John Jones” do our wedding pictures?  John Jones may be someone’s brother who is “really good at photography” or just a friend of the family.  The appeal is that they will save you a pile of money and probably do just as good a job as the expensive photographers.